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Craftsman Bungalow

Also known as the main house it reflects American architecture from the early 20th Century. All guests may access it's common areas such as the cozy parlor and the inviting backyard. The Guests may access the secure wireless internet in the accommodation, the parlor, or the backyard.

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Garden Room

The Garden Room is a cozy, cheery, and sunny room which offers a fair view of the main house backyard. It is located on the second floor and features a Queen bed.

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Country Room

The Country Room is a cozy, cheery, and sunny room which offers a moderate view of the sideyard and hedges. It is located on the second floor and features a Queen bed.

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Lavender is a fair sized room with a moderate sideyard view combining warmth and romance. The Queen bedded room is on the second floor of the main house.

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Wild Rose

The moderate sized queen bedded room is light an airy offering a front rose garden and partial mountain view. The second floor room features a bedside fireplace.

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The Craftsman CR1a,03-20-2015 CR2,03-20-2015 CR4,03-20-2015

The Craftsman Room

The dark wood and elegant room is accented with Craftsman style fixtures and ornaments. The fair sized room features an ornate, carved King bed.

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NS2,03-19-2015 NS6,03-19-2015 NS4,03-20-2015 Nouveau Suite Nouveau Suite

Nouveau Suite

The elegant suite accents the Nouveau art and motif. The Queen bedded suite offers a spacious private patio housing it’s private Jacuzzi featuring body contours and massaging jets.

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Victorian Cottage

The Victorian Cottage offers four accommodations-two rooms and two suites-each with a private entrance. The one-story cottage allows guests to feel a bit of seclusion and history in this structure of historical significance. The unique cottage also features a pleasant sideyard.

Hideaway Hideaway

Hideaway Room

The snug room, tucked away in the rear of the Victorian Cottage, features a private entrance and patio.

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Victorian Suite

The Victorian Suite embodies elegance, charm and romance. The two fireplaces and garden views promote relaxation.

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The Castaway The Castaway room

The Castaway

The quaint and nautically themed room offers a spacious bathroom with a large Jacuzzi tub.

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Summertime Suite

The suite reflects a tepid setting which is accented with period furniture found in artistic wrought and formed irons framed in an ambient background of pastel colors.

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Artisan Cottage

The Artisan is an elegant and relaxing cottage which is also a vacation rental. It is comprised of a room, the Santa Ynez, and a suite, the Bordeaux. Located adjacent to the main house backyard the guest can feel seclusion and yet connection to the rest of the Inn as all guests have access to the main house. The price of the cottage—reflecting a 10% discount over the regular prices of the two accommodations which the cottage is comprised of and which sleeps up to four— is $485.

Santa Ynez Room

Santa Ynez Room

This charming room offers the guest an alternative experience. The Queen bedded room features a private entrance, cozy fireplace, and a private deck.

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Bordeaux Suite

The elegant suite features rich, dark wood which is accented by an ornate king-size four-poster bed of similar impact. The large bathroom houses a large Jacuzzi tub.

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