A White Jasmine Inn
1327 Bath Street
Santa Barbara, California, CA 93101, United States
+1 805 9660589

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Lavender is a fair sized room with a moderate sideyard view combining warmth and romance. The Queen bedded room is on the second floor of the main house. The built-in fireplace instantly appeals to guests by which they may enjoy breakfast. Among the groups that the room appeals to are: Couples for romance; budget minded couples combining business and romance; and foreigners. $209


  • Private Bath
  • Fireplace
  • Full, hot, in-room breakfast
  • Flat Panel TV
  • Secure wireless internet
  • Handsome Robes
  • Coffee Maker
  • Air conditioning
  • Cable
  • Blow dryer
  • Toiletries
  • Cable TV
  • Shower