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Privacy policy

Reservation Policy:

A White Jasmine Inn Reservation Policies

  • Tarriff rates for all rooms are for single and double occupancy (2 persons 18 and above).*

  • Rates, amenities, and descriptions subject to change without notice.

  • Hotel Taxes:

  • Bed Tax is an additional 12% applied to the accommodation charges portion of the total charges.

  • TBID will be $1.00 per accommodation per night.

  • To confirm reservation we require a deposit for the first night (which will be applicable for approximately 98% of the reservations and may be more in certain cases) and the balance is taken on the date of check-in.

  • Refunds are given, less a $30.00 processing fee per room, if notice to cancel is received via email 7 or more days prior to the date of arrival. The entire reservation becomes non-cancelable after 6:00 pm, 7 days or more (whichever applies for the given reservation) prior to the date of arrival.

  • Please note that the guest must call the inn at 1-805-966-0589 for any reservation made over the internet after 5:00 pm for the same day.

  • "No -Shows" and "Early Departures" are held responsible for the entire reservation without refund.

  • A two-night minimum stay is required on Saturday stays (adding a Friday or Sunday) and certain holiday and/or special event periods and a three-night minimum stay is required on select holiday and/or special event periods.

  • Check-in time is after 3:00 pm and if a later than 6:00pm arrivals anticipated the guest should call the inn to make arrangements.

  • Check-out is by 11:00am.

  • For the health of of all our guests we do not allow any smoke indoors. The guest is responsible for any indoor smoke.

  • We, unfortunately, do not allow any animals or pets on the premise.

This is a bed & breakfast. It is our pleasure to present you with a charming room along with pleasant service. Please bear in mind that these are old houses and things occasionally wear or break down¾especially when combined with commercial traffic. In such instances, during the course or your stay we will either remedy the situation or try to ameliorate your discomfort. In any event, short of egregious examples of conveniences that are compromised and/or egregious acts of negligence from the staff and/or management, etc., forfeitures or discounts are not forthcoming.

The person responsible for making the reservation, or the "Reservationee", or the Reservationee and any associated guest—meaning any person directed to A White Jasmine Inn or "Inn"—or "Guest" must abide by all reasonable standards of conduct expected of a reasonably prudent person, as well as each and all of our policies as outlined in our handouts and/or to which you're directed during check-in which are found in the room as well. The Inn reserves the right to refuse service to any guest and is exempt from any obligatory justifications. Further, the Inn reserves the right to retain and/or secure any and all charges accrued in conjunction with the reservation room charges for the entire range of the dates of the reservation as well as any and all costs, tangible and otherwise, relating to any damages inflicted, by the Reservationee and/or Guest directed to A White Jasmine Inn premise by the Reservationee as well as, possibly, refusing to accept on or dismiss from A White Jasmine Inn premise at any time. There is no cash refund, whole or inpart, regardles of the circumstance. Although an implied warranty of habitability is conceded—restricted—this is only bound by matters and code as they relate to basic long-term tennacy and not industrial covenants, federal statutes, and like regulatory doctrine. The warranty of habitability, again, relates only to the basic use of contracted lodging and no other perks, devices, fringes, provided for and available to the Reservation and Guest(s). The Inn reserves the right access the Guest's accommodations at any time with due notice in the form of telephoning the Reservationee or knocking on the door to ensure that the facility is being used properly. The tennant and/or any guest(s) within the contracted party of Tennant(s)waives any rights to hold A White Jasmine Inn and any person(s) and/or entity(s) associated with said inn resposible for harm, bodily and financially arising from use of Inn shall nullify and void any claims to redress from harm.

* Many of our rooms are not suitable for persons under 18 although children, aged 12 at the minimum, accompanied by an adult(s) may be accepted. If the guest(s) smoke it will be their responsibility that no smoke , residue or any by-product of smoking pervade indoor areas. We require that all guests, while on the A White Jasmine Inn premise, act in a responsible manner as expected from a reasonably prudent person. Approximately 85% to 90% of the reservations will have applied to it the the seven days policy. There are exceptions such as various packages, group stays, long stays, a few major holiday and/or local special event periods, etc.The inn will not be responsible for any harm brought upon a guest(s) or any person(s) brought onto the premise by the guest(s), physical, psychological, financial or other wise. In the event that the guest's stay is compromised resulting from the absence of, deviation from the intended purpose of, or a feature which is inferior than as such advertised the inn, at it's discretion, will attempt to ameliorate the possible loss of goodwill with various goodwill offerings other than the crediting of funds back to the guest's account. Any amenity, other than the basic necessity of shelter (e.g. bed and rooom which is reaonably seure from the elements), while offered as complimentary is not guaranteed in any form and, at the discretion of management, may ameliorate the guests discomfort with a form of goodwill on a subsequent stay. There are many potential reasons for an amenity(s) to not be available and in good working condition and appearnace. Some of these reasons are not so regualr as, for example, we may from time to time, without notice, retire an existing amenity and, sometimes renovate it. Please bear in mind that while we do endeavor to have everything working well, looking good, etc. we do not coveneant that it will be so. For us to ensure many (if not all) amenities to be as expected and, moreover, to our standard we would need to increase the prices dramatically. The rates for the accommodations are comprised of several components. These are charges for the accommodation, a service fee for the parking, a service fee for the breakfast, and an inn fee which covers other services. The total of these fees, as of January, 2011, is $75.00/night/accommodation. While the bed-tax of 12% is applied, ostensibly, upon the making of the reservation to the total charges it is broken down to be applied to the nightly charge of the accommodation minus $63.00. The bed tax, in actuality, is applied to this net amount. This is less than our total fees outlined above. We simply absorb any dicrepencies as goodwill due to the fact that our system, at this time, is not able to represent this automatically when the reservation is made. When a new promotional rate is posted for a period where the rates for existing reservations are higher then the Inn will issue an Inn gift certificate for the difference as goodwill only if it si requested by the guest. Some restrictions may apply.. There will be no cash adjustments.


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