A White Jasmine Inn
1327 Bath Street
Santa Barbara, California, CA 93101, United States
+1 805 9660589

Midweek Discounts


  • January: 25%
  • Febuary: 20%
  • March: 20%
  • April: 25%
  • May: 20%
  • June: 20%
  • July: 0%
  • August: 0%
  • September: 20%
  • October: 20%
  • November: 25%
  • December: 20%

The percentage discounts indicated above are applied to our regular prices listed in "Our Rates" page and are for regular midweek, Sunday through Thursday stays. 

* Our midweek promotional rates apply on regular, Sunday through Thursday, stays with various blackout periods such as July and August, a few major, national holidays, local special event periods, etc. The discount percentage will automatically be applied to our regular rates displayed in the table above. Our minimum nightly rate, which is regularly $126.00, is the minimum rate below which any promotional offers may not drive. Therefore, any promotional discount would be applied witin the framework of our minimum nightly price structure. Although a few of our many other promotional rates are normally combinable with our other promotional rates such combinability will be void until our special promotions are no longer based on the global economic crisis. The prices listed in the "Our Rates" page are the regular nightly prices for double occupancy. Any extra charges, such as the third person charge in the Summertime Suite, would be added to the going rate—regular or promotionally discounted. The third person charge per night, which is subject to change, is $30.00. The Summertime Suite may also be used by two guests who wish to sleep separately and the extra charge for the second bed use as a sleeping bed is $15.00/night. These rates still include all of our amenities.