A White Jasmine Inn
1327 Bath Street
Santa Barbara, California, CA 93101, United States
+1 805 9660589

Our Regular Room Rates

  • Garden Room: $161
  • Country Room: $167
  • Lavender room: $196
  • Wild Rose: $208
  • Hideaway: $216
  • Victorian Suite: 223
  • Santa Ynez Room: $238
  • The Castaway: $255
  • The Craftsman: $255
  • Summertime Suite: $286
  • Nouveau Suite: $320
  • Bordeaux Suite: $327


The see if your potential (not existing) reservation qualifies for a promotional rate please view the "Promotions" link on our website. The reservation based promotions (e.g. midweek, extended stay, group stay, etc.) will automatically appear---either directly or as an option---during the reservation process if you are making the reservation on our website. Promotions based on the profile of the guest (e.g. return guest, institutional affiliation, etc.) must be mentioned while the reservation is being made. In the event that the person is making the reservation on our website this must  be mentioned in the "Questions/Comments" field at the end of the reservation process.