A White Jasmine Inn
1327 Bath Street
Santa Barbara, California, CA 93101, United States
+1 805 9660589

Shop & Dine with Value & Pleasure (5-6 nights)

FOR RESERVATIONS OF FIVE OR SIX NIGHTS: For those wishing to reserve nights we now offer a $50.00 gift certificate at Macy's and a $60.00 dinner voucher at Louie's—one of Santa Barbara's premier restaurants featuring coastal cuisine and veranda seating—for all new five or six night reservations arriving on from October 01 through December 23.

(If you would like make a reservation using this promotion then use the RESERVATIONS link and make any seven night or longer reservation and you will have the option of choosing this special promotional rate. If, somehow, you have not managed to choose this promotional rate option in the beginning of the process then simply type it in at the end of the reservation process. At that time the reservation will be adjusted by the discount percentages using the regular prices listed in the REGULAR ROOM RATES. This promotional rate may only be limited by the current daily minimum rate. *)