A White Jasmine Inn
1327 Bath Street
Santa Barbara, California, CA 93101, United States
+1 805 9660589

Any new three night reservation will be promotionally discounted by 16% off the regular price of the accommodation. While many of the months throughout the year there will be midweek discounts of 20% or 25%---where this would not make sense---this would make sense, for example, during those periods when there are no midweek discounts, or part of the stay encompasses a weekend, or during various special event periods where there are also no promotional discounts.

The regular price of the accommodations may be viewed on the "Our Rates" page on our website. If the reservation is being made on our website simply choose the dates you desire. At this point the option for this promotinal rate will appear. This option MUST be chosen for the promotion to be valid. If the reservation is being made via telephone the promotion MUST be mentioned at the time the reservation is being made. Whether the reservation is being made through our website or via telephone, romotion will be valid ONLY if it is chosen or mantioned when the reservation is being made.